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Acme Bail Bonds In Santa Monica

An arrest has been made…your friend or family member is in a dangerous jail cell and needs help getting out right away. What do you do?
Relax…pick up the phone and call Acme Bail Bonds. We will be at the jail in minutes to bail your loved one out and get them home safely.

The Number One Bail Agency In Santa Monica

No need to search for the right bondsman in Santa Monica…Acme Bail Bonds is the only bail agency you need to get the job done the right way.

The Best Bail Bonds in Santa Monica

Acme Bail Bonds has been providing bail for Santa Monica and the greater Los Angeles area for over three decades. People seeking bail bonds experts in Santa Monica have looked to Acme Bail Bonds for years, because our professional bail bondsman are known throughout the industry as the best in the business. Our bondsman are specially trained to handle any situation and have dealt with incarcerations ranging from minor to extremely serious accusations. No matter the charge, we will review your case and help you post bail.

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