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Bail bonds have been around a long time and so have we. Get out of jail fast in Pinecrest.

In the most difficult time for a lot of people we are able to work in a truly professional manner. We insure that all the necessary paperwork is filled out and signed by the right people so we can get to the jail and free a person ASAP on bail bond.

Greater than 50 years writing bail bond in Pinecrest, Florida

Being Pinecrest bail bond professionals our main goal is to not have the defendant break the law before meeting with the judge, this often implies we would need the person out on bail bond to have a full-time job or be a full-time student. The defendant must steer clear of any infractions that are against the law from taking place. If it happens that the defendant abused drugs in the past, then we would look at the possibility of running a drug test.

Our aim is to help families and friends to the very best of our capability with obtaining release on a bail bond in Pinecrest for a person you care greatly about. Going to jail and not used to being with of friends and family could be a debilitating experience. Let us help you to get immediate release on bail. Our Pinecrest bail bondsman are professional, grasp the stress and conceivable ineptitude of contacting a bail bond agency.

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Miami-Dade County Jail Locations

  • Metro West Detention Center

    Address: 13850 NW 41 Street , Miami, Fl. 33178 Map
    Facility Phone:(786) 263-5101
    Information Regarding Visitation:
    (786) 263-5154 or (786) 263-5155 and (786) 263-5156 Hours(7am-11pm)
    For visitation children 17 years and under need a Birth Certificate and School ID if of school age.

  • Pre-Trial Detention Center

    Address: 1321 NW 13 Street, Miami, FL. 33125 Map
    Facility Phone: (786) 263-4100
    For visitation children 17 years and under need a Birth Certificate and School ID if of school age.

  • Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center

    Address: 7000 NW 41 Street, Miami, Fl. 33166 Map
    Facility Phone: (786) 263-5600

  • Training and Treatment Center

    Address: 6950 NW 41 Street, Miami, FL. 33166 Map
    Facility Phone: (305) 470-2850

  • Women’s Detention Center

    Address: 1401 N. W. 7th Avenue, Miami, Fl. 33136 Map
    Facility Phone: (786) 263-4600

The next time you find yourself in a scenario confronting charges, do not hesitate to call your local Pinecrest bail bonds agent. We are available anytime day or night.