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Oregon Bail Law

Why No Commercial Bail In Oregon?
You may be looking for a bail bond in the state of Oregon. Your state does not offer money or commercial bail bonds. Bondsman from other states are unable to assist you in Oregon. Oregon has their own state run bail bond program. This means that if you need to bail someone out of jail in the state of Oregon you must go directly to the jail where they are being detained. In the State of Oregon you will pay cash for the full amount of the bail at the jail in person. They will then be released from the local jails in Oregon. The other option may be contacting a criminal defense attorney in Oregon; you may need one of these anyway depending on the reason that they were arrested.

You are in a state with no commercial bail contact your states legislature, this is the only way to change it. However if you are arrested you still need assistance with your defense. Call at once 855-224-5266
Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. In Oregon they would have to stay in jail until their case is dismissed unless the full amount of the bail can be posted to the court. This can be very costly depending on the charges.


Oregon Jails

You can call any of the jails below to put money on books for inmates or to get general information.

Clackamas County Jail | 2206 Kaen Rd, Oregon City, OR | 503-722-6777

Lincoln County Jail | 251 W Olive St, Newport, OR | 541-265-4277

Multnomah County Inverness Jail | 11540 NE Inverness Dr, Portland, OR | 503-988-5060

Deschutes County Jail | 63333 US-20, Bend, OR | 541-388-6661

Wasco County Jail | 201 Webber St, The Dalles, OR | 541-298-1576

Umatilla County Jail | 4700 N W Pioneer Pl, Pendleton, OR | 541-966-3600

List of Oregon Jail | List of Jails and Prisons in Oregon |

Oregon Courts

Clackamas County Circuit Court | 807 Main St, Oregon City, OR | 503-655-8447

Marion County Circuit Court | 100 High St NE, Salem, OR | 503-588-5105

Multnomah County Courthouse | 1021 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR | 503-988-3957

Klamath County Circuit Court | 316 Main St, Klamath Falls, OR | 541-883-5503

Hood River Circuit Court | 309 E State St, Hood River, OR | 541-386-3535

Court Information for Oregon