Arrests for domestic violence happen quite often. Remember you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
Sometimes husband’s and wives can take an argument too far. Or a boyfriend assaults his girlfriend.
It’s a part of law enforcement that most officers simply do not like having to do.

And then the person arrested finds themselves locked up in a jail cell full of potentially dangerous people.
This is a bad situation for a person who is already angry and probably feeling remorse over the situation that occurred leading to the arrest.

Following are some of the stars accused of domestic violence, being accused does not mean you are guilty!

  • Bobby Brown – accused of abusing Whitney Houston
  • Charlie Sheen – accused of various times from 1990-2011
  • Tommy Lee – accused of abusing his then wife Pamela Anderson
  • Mel Gibson – accused of domestic violence against a girlfriend
  • Sean Penn – accused of torturing Madonna
  • Dennis Rodman – accused of hitting his girlfriend
  • Mike Tyson – accused by former wife Robin Givens

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