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In today's world, a simple mistake can lead to an encounter with law enforcement. Nobody is perfect and being arrested and taken to jail can be a stressful and frightening situation. The good news is that for most arrest's, the crime that a person is accused of is eligible for bail. And that's when you need an experienced professional bail bondsman.

Andy Callif Bail Bonds has served the Columbus, Ohio area for over two decades. We are experts on current bail bond law and have worked with every court and jail in the area. The Benefits of Using a Bail Bondsman

When someone is arrested, it’s important that they immediately call us at Andy Callif Bail Bonds at (614) 221-0100
Benefits or our bail bond agency include:

  • Saving money
  • Thorough understanding of both state and federal legal system
  • Confidentiality
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Andy Callif Bail Bonds: Fast, Reliable Ohio Bail Bondsman

Based out of Columbus, Ohio...Andy Callif Bail Bonds covers a wide area of the state. We are the number one professional bond agency for Franklin County as well as Union, Muskingum, Marion, Delaware, Pickaway, Licking, Fairfield, Hocking and Ross Counties.
Our experts are available 24 hours a day around the clock, and ready to get you released from jail in the fastest time. This allows you to be at home, go to work, and plan your defense for your upcoming trial without disrupting your life.

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For over 2 decades, Andy Callif Bail Bonds has helped our clients deal with incarceration and the legal system. Our team of bail experts work under any condition...we handle late-night postings, interview many incarcerated individuals, meet with family members and keep them informed throughout the entire process.
A lof of variables can happen in the bail process. Sometimes, for instance, new charges can be filed when a background check is performed on the new arrestee. These kind of surprises are never welcome, which is why we keep our clients up to speed on any changes that may occur. We have the knowledge and experience with Ohio law to deal with any situation that may arise.
Our agents and team are working to ensure that we help you maintain an affordable bond. We will notify you immediately if any additional charges occur that may alter the bail bond process, increase the bail bond, or slow down the release of an individual.

Ohio Inmate Lookup Tool

Police Department: Call any of the numbers below when your in need of police assistance. If your having an emergency call 911
Columbus Police Dept. – (614) 645-3111
Franklin County Sheriff's Dept. – (614) 525-3310
Muskingum County Sherriff – (740) 452-3637
Delaware County Sheriff – (740) 833-2810
Fairfield County Sheriff – (740) 652-7900
Hocking County Sheriff – (740) 385-2131
Ross County Sheriff – (740) 773-1185
Pickaway County Sheriff – (614) 837-5017
Licking County Sheriff – (740) 670-5555
Marion County Sheriff – (740) 382-8244

Ohio Court Information

Andy Callif Bail Bonds Experience

Experience and reputation are the foundation of our agency. Andy Callif and his team of seasoned agents have performed above and beyond client expectations for over 20 years in the bail bonds industry. We specialize in different types of bonds, such as felony, drug, DUI, immigration, and warrants. Posting bail can be a challenge–especially if you are low on cash. Give Andy Callif Bail Bonds a call. We will assess your situation and get to work right away to bail you or your loved one out of jail.
(614) 221-0100