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Amicable and professional Bal Harbour bail bond agents are on hand that can help you with any sort of bond you need posting for. Having a relative or loved one in jail can be a difficult thing, it happens to people each day. Let us help you get speedy release on bail.

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Depending on the illegality the accused is confronted with, the charged can obtain a Bal Harbour bail bonds instead of spending jail time. Law breakers who’ve reportedly committed crimes that are thought to be capital offenses, or malefactions where the death penalty could be used are usually denied bail bonds in Bal Harbour.

Each day we help folks just like you bail someone important out of jail. Our goal is to help families to the very best of our capability with obtaining release on bail bonds for those you care greatly for.

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We understand that people make silly errors, Miami will use our knowledge to keep the person on firm footing and on track for making the all important court date. We can help secure a person’s release while they near trial. Sitting in the slammer without the comfort of friends and family could be a harrowing experience before any trial.

Our people are not here to surmise if the suspect is guilty or not, we are only here to reassure dispensation for the accused on bail bond so that he/she can properly prepare for the all important date in front of a judge. Our New York bail bonds company can get you out of jail for a small part of what the particular bail is worth and reunite you with your family and friends.

Miami-Dade County Jail Locations

  • Metro West Detention Center

    Address: 13850 NW 41 Street , Miami, Fl. 33178 Map
    Facility Phone:(786) 263-5101
    Information Regarding Visitation:
    (786) 263-5154 or (786) 263-5155 and (786) 263-5156 Hours(7am-11pm)
    For visitation children 17 years and under need a Birth Certificate and School ID if of school age.

  • Pre-Trial Detention Center

    Address: 1321 NW 13 Street, Miami, FL. 33125 Map
    Facility Phone: (786) 263-4100
    For visitation children 17 years and under need a Birth Certificate and School ID if of school age.

  • Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center

    Address: 7000 NW 41 Street, Miami, Fl. 33166 Map
    Facility Phone: (786) 263-5600

  • Training and Treatment Center

    Address: 6950 NW 41 Street, Miami, FL. 33166 Map
    Facility Phone: (305) 470-2850

  • Women’s Detention Center

    Address: 1401 N. W. 7th Avenue, Miami, Fl. 33136 Map
    Facility Phone: (786) 263-4600

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