Being arrested for a casino marker can lead to fines, prison time and wage garnishment. If someone has been arrested for casino marker they will have to have a bail bond in the state that they were arrested in. Many states have casinos, it is not only Las Vegas where a gambler can find themselves in trouble and in need of a bail bond. Casinos also have vast resources and are very aggressive about pursuing legal action. This is a very serious offense and he or she may not even reside in the state where the casino marker was issued. If you or someone you know has defaulted on a casino marker call us at bailbonds.com so we can help.

What is a Casino Marker

A casino marker is simply no interest credit given to an individual so they can gamble more. A credit application is filled out and the credit is extended based on this. This is a no-interest loan by the casino but has specific terms. If it is not paid by the end of the term the casino can debit your bank account they have on file. Sounds simple doesn’t it but this type of debt doesn’t go to any collection agency but to the district attorney.

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