Larceny and theft technically fall under the category of “Property Crimes”. It’s important to expedite the process of bailing out of jail so that the accused can then begin to plan for their defense on the trial date.

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  • The numbers are staggering for theft and property crimes, well over $15 Billion is lost each year to the individuals and businesses who are the victims of these crimes. Friends and family will need to post your bail bond to initiate release from jail.
  • The damage or theft of more valuable property can result in felony charges. Your defense attorney should be someone who has intricate knowledge of criminal law. After being bailed out of jail at bailbonds.com we have numerous attorneys to choose from.
  • Any conviction for these types of crimes will appear on your background check. It can make getting a loan or a new job difficult. This can effect the rest of your life! You will have court fines, fees to pay back, let us here at Bailbonds.com get your friend or family member out of jail today.