BAIL FOR DUI (driving under the influence) DWI (driving while intoxicated) or BWI (boating while intoxicated)

A DUI arrest is one of the most common causes of interaction with law enforcement that leads to an arrest. Every state in the union devotes enormous resources to the enforcement of DUI laws.
These days, DUI should not be thought of as “drinking and driving” only. Intoxication can occur on many levels, and law enforcement is on the lookout for it in every form on the nation’s roads.
Taking prescription medication that is clearly labeled to cause drowsiness can lead to a DUI. As can smoking marijuana and other recreational drugs.

The First Thing To Do When Someone Is Arrested For DUI:

Get them out of jail as quickly as possible! Your loved one is in a terrible situation. He or she is intoxicated and now finds themselves in a jail cell with potentially dangerous individuals!
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  • Everyday at least 28 people are killed in an alcohol-related vehicle crash. Your chances of being involved in an alcohol-related motor vehicle accident during your lifetime are 1 in 3! DUI’s are scary, to say the least, a bail bond is the only way out of jail. These numbers do not include when someone has mixed drugs (both legal by prescription or illegal) with drinking. That number becomes and even higher number and not only dangerous for the other people on the road but can be deadly for the individual who has ingested the toxic mix. Your loved one is now sitting in jail scared not knowing what to do about the DUI, that is what bailbonds.com does, get friends and family bailed out of jail fast and back home where it is safe.
  • With the services such as Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and your standard Taxi’s a safe ride is at the tap of your finger. Their are mobile apps out there for the services, you input your credit card information and can set your home location when you install the app. You don’t have to worry about fumbling for money. Just sit back and get home safely. In our day and age, their is no reason for anyone to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after they have even had 1 drink.
  • COSTS: Not only does a DUI result in arrested and put in jail (a bail bond will get you released from jail), it also costs emotional and mental pain. You may have injured yourself and others, this will result in medical bills, civil suits, vehicle repairs, loss of time on your job or your job itself, SR22 insurance, suspended or revoked drivers license! Your car insurance company can decide to not insure you anymore or charge you up to $1000 or more for your insurance premiums. You will need to retain a defense attorney for your upcoming legal battles after being released from jail on a bail bond.