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Drug trafficking is a much more serious crime than possession of illegal substances. Being arrested for trafficking may lead the police to add more charges to the person being arrested and now in need of a bail bond. It doesn’t matter if you’re in possession of Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Heroin, Ecstasy, Molly, Oxycodone, Lortab, Marijuana or any other form of controlled substance. Some of these substances require a prescription in order for you to be in possession of them in smaller quantities. When someone is found by law enforcement with larger quantities they may believe that you intend on distributing or dealing the narcotic. This will add the additional charges and your bail bond will be higher. The jail time will increase for each additional charge the police add to the individual who is arrested. Bailbonds.com has the most licensed agents who can write the bail bond for anyone who has been put in jail.


  • The DEA carries heavy penalties for trafficking scheduled I, II, II, IV and V substances
  • Mexican drug cartels are now heavily involved in the manufacturing and trafficking of Methamphetamine. This is due to the legislation on the sale of pseudoephedrine
    and ephedrine products in the United States. Meth seizures are over 10,000 kg at the boarders.
  • Being in possession of large quantities of Crack cocaine carry a sentence 100 times more extreme than powdered cocaine.
  • Internet drug trafficking has been on the rise with the popularity of synthetic and unregulated chemicals which leads to numerous deaths among drug users.

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