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We accept most types of payment for bail bonds in Orlando. Call us now and speak to a live agent and to understand payment options.

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Polakoff Bail Bonds


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3708 S. John Young Parkway
orlando, FL 32839


Orlando agents are standing by and we’ll promptly answer all of your questions related to obtaining an Orlando bail bond and explain the rules in the state of Florida concerning bail bonds. You can come to us or we can come to your location.

We'll help you arrange for a bail bond anywhere in Orlando and the greater Orange County area: Call Polakoff Bail Bonds at 407-422-6666

We know that the family and friends of ordinary people can make foolish mistakes. Our Orlando bail bondsman are top professionals. Set aside the strain and potential awkwardness of getting into contact with a bail bond agency, we are dedicated to making the bail process fast and straightforward. We’ll assist you in making the smartest decisions for the person needing bail in Orange County.

Our bail bond company will use our understanding to keep the individual out on bail and on track for making the court date. We will be able to help secure a person's release while awaiting the date of trial. Our Orlando bail bonds company can get the accused out of jail for a little part of what the actual bail is worth and reunite that person with those who they care about. We are here for you and your family, give us a call.

Sitting in prison without the comfort of friends and family can be a tough experience. More than likely the defendant will want to meet with a lawyer in preparation for trial being. We are not here to surmise if the accused is of guilt or not, we are only here to get the charged out on bail bond so that he or she can make the critical date of trial.

Polakoff Bail Bonds also serves the following cities in Greater Orange, Seminole, and Lake Counties:

Orlando Police Department
100 South Hughey Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801-2588
Phone: 407.246.2470
City of Orlando Police Department Site

Orange County Corrections Department
2450 33rd Street
Orlando, Florida
Phone: 407.836.3400

Orange County Sheriff's Office
2500 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32804
Phone: 407.254.7000
Orange County Sheriff Office

For immediate posting of a bond call Bail Bonds.com Orlando at: 407-422-6666


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Keeping the Defendant on the the right track

We want to make sure that the accused doesn't get arrested before the date of trial. We'd prefer the charged have full-time employment and steer clear of any eventualities that can lead to a malefaction being committed. If the accused has any history of drug abuse then in certain cases we would have the accused person take periodical drug tests.

Have any questions? Feel free to call Polakoff Bail Bonds and have our staff answer any concerns you might have. Our people are local to Orlando and Orange County, we are willing to travel when needed.

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