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Our New York bail bonds professionals fully grasp the strain of having someone you care about incarcerated. Contacting our NY bail bond agency is the first step necessary for getting someone bailed out of jail. Sitting in jail without the comfort of loved ones and not knowing whats going on can be an exhausting experience for everyone involved. We’ll immediately get to work filling paperwork utilizing the persons right to bail bond.

The main concern of our New York bail bond agency is to fulfill our part of the deal and get the defendant out of jail, plain and simple. Our focus is not in demonstrating whether the defendant is guilty of a criminal act, we are only here to assure dispensation for the charged on bail bond.

Affordable Bail Bonds can get you out of jail for a little part of what the particular bail is worth and reunite you with your loved ones.


New York Bail Bond Professionals

Our bail bonds company has contacts in various judicial and government agencies. We understand the way bail bonds works in the state of New York.

A bail bonds company usually charges its clients a percentage of the original bail amount. For instance, a bonds company in New York might charge customers 10% for the whole bail process. However, if a client still cannot come up with this specified amount, the company might provide him/her with other financial means by which they can pay the bail bond company off over time.

We've been serving NYC for many years now. We have bail bond offices or on-call bondsman in every NYC borough. We are caring individuals who are close to the neighborhoods were we bail people out.

NY office

Important NYC Phone Numbers

  • Borough
  • Arraignments
  • Bookings
  • Clerk's
  • (718) 243-2545
  • (718) 834-4581
  • (347) 296-1076
  • (718) 618-2400
  • (718) 590-2817
  • (718) 618-1000
  • (718) 298-0736
  • (718) 286-6874
  • (718) 298-0888
  • (646) 386-4545
  • (212) 374-3838
  • (646) 386-4511
  • (718) 675-8558
  • (718) 876-8493
  • 718) 675-8550

Jail Information Outside NYC

  • County
  • Arraignments
  • Bookings
  • Clerk's
  • Westchester
  • (914) 231-1000
  • (914) 231-1020
  • (914) 231-1068
  • Nassau
  • (516) 572-4200
  • (516) 572-3802
  • Suffolk
  • (631) 852-2241
    24 hrs a day

Description New York is independently owned and operated by Affordable Bails New York, Inc. offering 24 hour service anywhere in New York State. We presently have bail bonds offices in Queens, The Bronx, Suffolk, Nassau, Mt. Vernon and Yonkers. Please refer to our locations below for an office location near you. If we do not yet have a bail bonds office in your area, give us a call and we can arrange for a bail agent to meet your needs.

You will be treated with dignity and respect. Let us guide through the whole bail bond process. Remember, freedom is affordable!


Steve Zalewski: Is a criminal defense lawyer, native New Yorker, licensed bail bond agent, and a co-founder of Affordable Bails.
Lewis Lilla: An experienced NY bail bondsman and retired NYPD homicide detective.

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